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Intro post & icons

Ohohoho, my first post here~ |D; Took me long enough...anyhow~ Hi everyone. ♥ My name is Mio, and I love the Subaru&Luna pairing to pieces. ; o; Obscurity does not compute srsly aoutaouta. I actually was drawn to it pre-game due to the sheer cuteness, then with Luna's introduction...but I ended up swaying inbetween Luna and Misora for a first time. Obviously, Luna won by a landslide because omg so tsundere. ;o; ♥

Well, as we all know, Ryuusei no Rockman 2 just came out recently! And what better way to celebrate new game than a (an admittedly late) icon post chalked full of Subaru&Luna-y goodness? *_*; That being said, majority of the Rockman icons are just that. I think there's only like...two that don't deal with one or both of them orz. Expect more, too, as I still have much more to trudge through!

So, does this lovely little community of Subaru/Luna shippers and character fans approve? ♥

Oh and...to those of you who had to see this icon post like ten times? Sorry for spamming your f-list. ; o;;;

66 Ryuusei no Rockman
32 Fatal Frame (I-IV)
3 Misc (Super Smash Brother's Brawl, Luigi's Mansion)
101 Total


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