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Hi there everyone ^_^ Welcome to celestialship, a shipping community for the characters Hoshikawa Subaru (Dub: Geo Stelar) and Shirogane Luna (Dub: Luna Platz) from Ryuusei no Rockman (Dub: Megaman Starforce).

If you are a fan of the shipping, feel free to join :D And post what you'd like, whether it be fanfictions, icons, or other things. You're also welcome to just post and introduce yourself and even explain why you like the pairing. If you'd like any of the things you wrote or made added to When Stars Align, the fan site and fan listing for the couple, just make a note in the post and it'll be added. :D

But yes, enjoy all~ ^_^ And Thank you in advance for joining!


1. Please make sure to use proper tags. See the cut below for tag information.
2. If there are more than 3 images in a post, please use an LJ cut.
3. If the image is bigger than 400x400, either put it under a LJ cut OR link the image.
4. Only things that relate to Subaru and/or Luna are allowed here. You are allowed to mention other couples you like in an intro post about yourself, but please refrain from much else.

Icons - Icons, Icon, and whatever size it is (example: 100x100, 50x50, 80x80, etc.)
Banners - Banner, Banners, and whatever size it is (example: 300x18, 200x60, 500x500, etc.)
Sprites - Sprite, Sprites, Doll, Dolls, Pixel, Pixels, Pixel Art, Art
Drawings - drawing, drawings, art
Videos - Video, Videos, amv, music video, anime music video, music videos, anime music videos, amvs
Songs - Song, Songs
Why? - Theories, why?, why, explaination
Color bars - Colorbars, Colorbar, Color bar, Color bars
Wallpapers/Backgrounds - wallpaper, wallpapers, wall paper, wall papers, background, backgrounds, back ground, back grounds

Example of each:

Icons - Display images you can use on forums and instant messengers.

Banners - Images you can use on forums for your signature or stuff you plan on using in a layout and etc.

Sprites - Pixel art.

Drawings - Traditional or Digital Art that doesn't classify as the above. Oekaki would go here.

Videos - These are AMVs (Anime Music Videos) of Subaru and/or Luna.

Songs - These are songs, that while CAN be in a video, if the video is not of Subaru and/or Luna, it only goes in songs as songs should only be linked if you think they relate to Subaru and Luna for some reason. Please make sure to explain why.

Why? - More or less why you like the couple and/or the characters, plus any theories you have about them.
"I love Luna because her hair is really cool! She's fantastic!"
"You have to think about it. Luna has unlocked Subaru's full power in the games and is even the one who ends up leading Subaru to start referring to himself as "Ryuusei no Rockman" when she says he's like a shooting star. With so much she has contributed to him, could it really just end up being a "friend" thing?"

Color bars - Large rainbow-y support banners.

Wallpapers/Backgrounds - Things to use as backgrounds for a site or for your desktop wallpaper.

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