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Celestial Shipping Community

For Subaru x Luna supporters!

Celestial Shipping
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For fans of the shipping for Shirogane Luna and Hoshikawa Subaru of Ryuusei no Rockman.
Hi There!

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Welcome to celestialship--a shipping community dedicated to the relationship between Hoshikawa Subaru/Geo Stelar (星河 スバル) and Shirogane Luna/Luna Platz (白金 ルナ). Celestial Shipping comes from the fact that Subaru's name tends to reference the stars while Luna's references the moon. Celestial has a lot to do with space and other types of things, so it feels fitting. While there aren't too many fans of the two together, there are some and hopefully this LJ community will help find them and let them know somewhere that there is someone else who feels they should be together too.

This is a branch off from the fan site and fan listing, When Stars Align. If you join this, it's a high recommendation to join the fan listing there and possibly check out some of the other branches of the site--The DATS Group and the DeviantArt Club. You may find both of these with the other URLs below. You don't have to just like this couple, as long as you like Subaru and Luna together, no matter who else, you're more than welcome to join :D We just ask that everybody be respectful and to remember that this group is primarily focused on not just Subaru and Luna as a couple, but the two as characters as well. ^^; While you may mention you like other pairings in your introduction, please refrain from talking about others :3 After all, as I said before, this is just for Subaru and Luna, both through their characters and the relationship between them~

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